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About Our Curriculum

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Expertly Crafted Courses

We develop award-winning courses that empower teachers and engage students, helping everyone succeed. Our subject matter experts pour hundreds of hours into developing the curriculum—and we put this same level of care and attention-to-detail into everything we do. What are the results? Our students have 5.3% higher AP® scores than the global average.

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Engaging Course Content

FlexPoint Virtual School Kindergarten–12th grade courses include a diverse range of activities—giving our students the foundation they need to understand new concepts and master new skills.

What’s in a FlexPoint Virtual School Course?

  • Interactive Games and Quizzes
  • Engaging Video and Audio Clips
  • Practical Written Lessons and Assessments

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Team of Experts

Our Curriculum Development team has more than 100 experts who work together to research, plan, create, and evaluate content for our award-winning digital courses.

Who creates FlexPoint Virtual School courses?

  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Curriculum Specialists 
  • Instructional Designers
  • Engagement Writers
  • Art Directors 
  • Quality Assurance Specialists 
  • Web Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Teacher & Student Contributors 

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Behind the Scenes

To give our students the best chance for success, new course development requires considerable planning and coordination.

Each new FlexPoint Virtual School course averages:


Pages of HTML, including 81,000 lines of code and 1,000 images


Assessments including quizzes, exams, and interactives


Hours of exam and assessment writing


Hours of lesson writing


Images to reinforce content

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Our courses undergo more than 450 hours of rigorous review and testing, both during development and after completion, ensuring accuracy and adherence to state and national standards. FlexPoint Virtual School is fully accredited by Cognia and WASC, and offers NCAA-approved core courses. 

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Fully accredited by Cognia

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Fully Accredited by WASC

Student Success

We design our curriculum to help students master skills and gain knowledge needed for success in school and beyond. FlexPoint Virtual School students consistently outperform global averages on Advanced Placement® and End-of-Course exams.

  • 5.3% Higher AP® scores than the global average

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Reaching Every Student

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Course Design

We design courses to meet the unique needs of our students while being inclusive to all races, cultures, ethnicities, abilities, and genders.

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Our Experts

We hire subject matter experts for every subject area, to deliver informative, factual, unbiased, and inclusive learning materials.

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Focus Groups

Throughout the development process, we engage student focus groups of diverse populations frequently for input on course content, images, and design elements.

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