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High School US History

Pre Requisites

This course is recommended for students in 10th or 11th grade. Successful completion of English 1 is strongly recommended.


The United States began as an experiment in freedom and democracy. Since its establishment, the country and its people have endured social, political and economic revolutions. In this course, students will investigate the people, events and ideas that have shaped the United States from the end of the Civil War through today.Students are asked to analyze and evaluate decisions made by political, business and military leaders. Emphasis is placed on connections between events of the past and present. This course also gives students the opportunity to conduct research and apply their learning to current, real-world problems.

Segment One

Module 01 - Reconstruction

  • Geography
  • Set the Stage
  • Civil War
  • Rebuilding the Government
  • A New South
  • Face of Freedom
  • Westward Expansion

Module 02 - Industrial Revolution

  • Industrialization Changes America
  • Innovation Nation
  • Populism
  • Coming to America
  • Rise of Political Machine
  • Labor Movements
  • Social Change

Module 03 - Enter the World Stage

  • Isolation, Intervention, and Imperialism
  • U.S. Territorial Expansion
  • Preparing for War
  • New Kind of War
  • War at Home
  • Peace, Demobilizations, and Next Steps

Module 04: Between Wars

  • Isolationism
  • The Roaring Twenties
  • Cultural Changes of the 1920s
  • Challenges to Civil Rights
  • The Great Depression
  • The New Deal

Segment Two

Module 05 - World War II

  • World War Again
  • The United States at War
  • Two Wars
  • Holocaust
  • War at Home
  • War Ends

Module 06 - Post WWII & Cold War

  • The Fifties and Sixties
  • The Early Cold War
  • The Korean War
  • The Cold War
  • Vietnam War
  • Disillusionment

Module 07 - Civil Rights Movement

  • The Great Society
  • Peace or Power
  • Minority Rights
  • Civil Rights Decisions

Module 08 - The Modern Era

  • The 1970s
  • The 1980s
  • A New Millennium
  • Terrorism and Human Rights

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