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High School Two-Dimensional Studio Art I

Pre Requisites



Get ready to be inspired, create two-dimensional art, and define your own art story. In this course, you will experiment with media and techniques to create a variety of artworks as you develop skills in drawing, painting, and more! You’ll explore artworks to understand how to use the elements of art and principles of design to plan, create, and reflect on your own art. There are supplies you’ll need to purchase for this class, but don’t worry. You have choices in what you can use.

Segment One

Module 01 – Form Your Drawing


·       Welcome to the Second Dimension

·       Let’s Get Drawing

·       Drawing Has Value

·       Form Your Drawing Project


Module 02 – Value Your Texture


·       Beyond the Pencil

·       Blended by the Light

·       Value Your Texture Project


Module 03 – Living in Color


·       True Colors

·       Stilled Moments

·       Living in Color Project


Module 04 – Stuck on Portraits


·       Picking Up the Pieces

·       It’s All About the Face


Segment Two

Module 05 – Brushing Up on Painting


·       Stroke of Genius

·       Pick a Color

·       Brush Up on Painting Project


Module 06 – Pick Your Palette


·       Where Colors Collide

·       It’s a Landscape

·       Pick Your Palette Project


Module 07 – Print the Possibilities


·       All About Prints

·      You Are Ink-Credible

·      Print the Possibilities Project

Module 08 – Mix Things Up


·       The Extended Mix

·      Transform the Ordinary

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