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High School Theatre, Cinema & Film Production

Pre Requisites



Lights, camera, action! In Theatre, Cinema, and Film Production, students explore the elements of theatre and cinematic techniques used by those who create performance productions. Students compare the elements in theatre and film that serve the story and articulate the theme. Students also reflect upon the historical and cultural influences on productions and how those influences affect audiences. This course offers a detailed view of the creative, performance, and technical operations of theatre and film. Theatre, Cinema, and Film Production provides an elective credit and fulfills the performing/fine art requirement for high school graduation.

Segment One

Module 01 - Zoom In on Theatre and Film

  • Zoom In on Theatre and Film Introduction
  • Name That Genre
  • Theatre vs. Film
  • The Story Arc
  • Back to the Basics
  • Zoom In on Theatre and Film Discussion-Based Assessment

Module 02 - Theatre and Film in the Real World

  • Theatre and Film in the Real World Introduction
  • What's the Purpose?
  • What's in It for Me?
  • From the Big Screen to Your Living Room
  • Historical (In)Accuracies
  • Too Much Controversy?

Module 03 - The Creative Process

  • The Creative Process Introduction
  • Putting Pen to Paper
  • Analyzing Text
  • Script to Screen

Segment Two

Module 04 - Design and Production Elements

  • Design and Production Elements Introduction
  • Let There Be Light!
  • What Do You Hear?
  • Set the Stage
  • What Should I Wear?
  • Putting It All Together

Module 05 - Planning a Production

  • ┬áPlanning a Production Introduction
  • Auditioning
  • Directing
  • Rehearsing
  • It's Showtime!

Module 06 - Responding to Performance

  • Responding to Performances Introduction
  • Actors and Audiences
  • Viewing Critically
  • What Do You Think?

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