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High School Spanish III Honors

Pre Requisites

Spanish 1 and 2


In Spanish III, students dive into the rich diversity of Hispanic culture across the globe by exploring the tastes, sights, and sounds of this dynamic language that reflects triumph, struggle, celebration, and so much more. During this cultural journey, students improve conversational, vocabulary, and writing skills through authentic tasks. Short of obtaining a passport, there is no better way to discover new lands, peoples, or experiences as students take their Spanish language abilities to the next level.

Segment One

Module 01 - La influencia hispana en los EE.UU.

  • Hispanic figures
  • Influence of Hispanics culture and politics
  • Contributions of members of Hispanic cultural groups in the United States

Module 02 - En camino a ver el mundo

  • Plan for a trip to a foreign country​
  • Payment types, accommodations, booking sites, vacation activities, flights
  • Being a safe and polite traveler​
  • Customs or traditions in Spanish-speaking countries​
  • Traveling internationally vs. domestically​
  • Travel blogs and tips

Module 03 - Descubriendo el mundo

  • Transportation and schedules
  • Giving opinions on foreign destinations, food, and celebrations
  • ancient cultures and civilizations in Spanish-speaking countries
  • Fusion of modern and ancient cultures and civilizations

Segment Two

Module 04 - Descubriendo el arte de mundo

  • Art supplies and types of art
  • Recognize correlations between history and art
  • Influential artistic movements
  • Careers related to the arts

Module 05 - El mundo a traves de la literatura

  • Important pieces of literature by Hispanic authors
  • Literary forms and movements influential artistic movements
  • Careers related to the arts
  • Caribbean authors and literature as a reflection of island culture

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