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High School Social Media I

Pre Requisites



This course will teach students that the world of Social Media revolves around them – their actions, decisions, and interests. They will examine how Social Media has evolved. They will understand how to find authenticity and truth within an online world where people can “be” anyone. They will also learn how their digital footprint makes a bigger impression than their physical one. Students will also discover that their voice is important. They are not only a reader – they are a writer. They don’t just follow the news – they report it as a citizen journalist. And they don’t just gather information – they crowdsource it.

Module 01 - Milestone 1

  • Social Media – A Brief but Eventful History
  • Certificate of Authenticity Please
  • The Internet Who’s The Authority
  • You Heard What?
  • What’s Your Truth?

Module 02 - Milestone 2

  • This is Your Life - This is Your Life on Social Media
  • What is Your Type?
  • How is Your Social Media Psyche?
  • Getting Personal with Social Media
  • What is Your Passion?

Module 03 - Milestone 3

  • What You See and What You Get
  • Influencer or Follower, Who Are You?
  • News, Consider the Source
  • Perspective Matters
  • Who’s Listening

Module 04 - Milestone 4

  • Social Media Loves a Crisis
  • Social Media The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
  • Six Degrees of Social Media
  • Dear Me of the Future
  • Wait………Is This The End?

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