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Middle School Middle School Visual Art II

Pre Requisites



Ready to continue your artistic journey? In MJ Visual Art II, you will explore artistic themes as you continue to plan, create, and reflect on your own art. You’ll work to grow your artistic skills and will experiment with mediums and techniques you’ve already experienced while learning to use even more! You’ll need to purchase supplies for this class. But don’t worry, you have choices in what you can use!

Module 01 - Identity

  • Art in the Real World
  • The Element of Shape
  • The Principles of Proportion and Balance
  • Identity Project

Module 02 - Sculpting

  • The Principle of Movement
  • Earth Art
  • Earth Art Project

Module 03 - Design Art

  • The Principles of Pattern and Repetition
  • Paper Art
  • Design Art Project

Module 04 - Pop Art

  • The Principles of Rhythm and Emphasis
  • Digital Art
  • Pop Art Project

Module 05 - Global Inspiration

  • The Principles of Variety and Unity
  • Global Inspiration

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