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Middle School Middle School Visual Art I

Pre Requisites



Ever wonder about how you can create art? In MJ Visual Art I, you’ll connect with art created by other artists as you learn how to plan, create, and reflect on your own art. You’ll discover tools and techniques artists use as you create your own drawings, sculptures, paintings, photographs, and mixed-media works. You’ll need to purchase supplies for this class. But don’t worry, you have choices in what you can use!

Module 01 - Drawing

  • What Is Art?
  • The Element of Shape
  • Drawing with Charcoal and Pastels
  • Drawing Project

Module 02 - Sculpting

  • The Elements of Texture and Form
  • Creating Sculptures
  • Sculpting Project

Module 03 - Painting

  • The Elements of Color and Value
  • Painting with Acrylic and Watercolor
  • Painting Project

Module 04 - Photography

  • The Element of Line
  • The Art of Photography
  • Photography Project

Module 05 - Mixed Media

  • The Element of Space
  • Mixing Art Materials

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