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Middle School Middle School Language Arts III

Pre Requisites

Recommended for 8th grade


Through reading, writing, and rhetoric, students in the Middle School Language Arts III course examine how authors fine-tune and utilize their craft to create texts with purpose. Students continue to develop the reading, writing, language, and speaking/listening skills necessary for success in high school, college, career, and beyond. Students evaluate and analyze voice, purpose, diction, syntax, and rhetoric in historical speeches, informational texts, and classic and contemporary literature through guided readings, interactive practice, and formal assessments. They also refine their narrative, informational, and argumentative writing skills through the repeated practice of planning, drafting, revising, and editing their written work.

Segment One

Module 01 – A Strong Foundation

·       Literary Foundations

·       Perspectives and Themes

·       Symbolism in Literature

·       Being a Word Detective

·       Find the Central Idea

·       Idea Development

·       Phrases and Clauses

·       Advanced Symbolic Poetry

Module 02 – Get the Facts

·       Getting Research Ready

·       A Close Look at Organization

·       Cite Your Sources

·       Focus on the Introduction

·       Connect and Support Your Ideas

·       Syntax and Voice

·       Putting Your Essay Together

·       Revise and Reflect

·       Advanced Learning from Legends

Module 03 – Words Have Power

·       Figuratively Speaking

·       Figuring Out Figurative Language

·       Mastering Semicolons

·       The Name Game

·       Fallacies: Why So Informal?

·       Be a Fallacy Fixer

·       Active and Passive Voice

·       Advanced Chivalry Isn’t Dead

Segment Two

Module 04 – Convincing Claims

·       Rhetoric Rundown

·       Appealing Rhetoric

·       Changing Perspectives

·       Organization is Key

·       Ready, Set, Argue

·       Support Does a Body Good

·       Bring It Home

·       Stand Out from the Crowd

·       Advanced That’s Really Appealing

Module 05 – Narrative Knowledge

·       Poetic Language with Purpose

·       Poetic Foundations

·       Do You Hear What I Hear?

·       It’s Story Time

·       Finding the Symbolism

·       Typical Archetypes

·       Advanced A Novel Poem

Module 06 – Tell Me a Story

·       An Interesting Point of View

·       Planning Your Narrative

·       An Interesting Beginning

·       Your Narrative Voice

·       All Good Things Must Come to an End

·       Advanced My Side of the Story

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