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Middle School Middle School Journalism I

Pre Requisites



Ready to make the headlines?  Prepare to dive into the exciting world of journalism to develop your reporting skills across various platforms such as print, web, radio, and multimedia. Take a trip through the history of journalism to explore its past, present, and future. Discover different careers in the field and learn how to research and write captivating news stories. Investigate what it means to be an ethical and responsible journalist who creates content that informs and engages an audience.

Segment One

Module 01 - The Story of Journalism

  • The Story of Journalism Introduction
  • Defining Journalism
  • The History of Journalism
  • Careers in Journalism

Module 02 - Words Matter

  • Words Matter Introduction
  • The First Amendment
  • Ethics Versus Laws
  • The Role of the Media
  • The Media and Mood

Module 03 - Gathering Information

  • Gathering Information Introduction
  • Selecting Sources
  • Check Your Sources

Segment Two

Module 04 - The Write Stuff

  • The Write Stuff Introduction
  • The Tools for the Job
  • An Article Worth Reading
  • That's Catchy

Module 05 - Newscasting

  • Newscasting Introduction
  • Intentional Interviews
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Visual News
  • Now Hear This

Module 06 - Point Taken

  • Point Taken Introduction
  • Logical Journalism
  • The Op-Ed


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