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Middle School Middle School Fitness Grade 6

Pre Requisites



Students who want to be fit but don't know where to start are invited to join a diverse group of virtual classmates who help with exploring and understanding fitness and health. With the support of these virtual friends, students determine current personal fitness levels and learn to improve those levels. Students also learn safety rules for exercise, how to create equipment from household items, how different activities target different body parts, how to set and reach a goal, and qualities of sportsmanship.Students keep a log of physical fitness activities while exploring topics that include diversity in sports, nutrition, peer pressure, and making good choices. Each PE project leads to improved student understanding of personal skills and the environments in which activities are played.

Module 01 - Health Club

  • Introduction to Physical Fitness
  • Safety First
  • Warming Up and Cooling Down
  • Health-related Components of Fitness
  • Heart Health

Module 02 - Cardio Zone

  • Body Composition and Health
  • Measuring Body Composition and Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Maintaining Body Composition
  • Cardiovascular Activity
  • Heart Rate and Activity
  • Cardiovascular Training Principles

Module 03 - Fitness Zone

  • Healthy Muscles, Bones, and Joints
  • Measuring Flexibility and Muscular Fitness
  • Maintaining Flexibility
  • Maintaining Healthy Muscles and Bones
  • Equipment
  • Training Principles

Module 04 - Team Work

  • Fitness Opportunities
  • Getting to Your Goals
  • Peer Pressure
  • Sportsmanship
  • Diversity Through Sports
  • Activities Around the World

Module 05 - Health Zone

  • Health Risks
  • Health Information, Products and Services
  • Making Healthy Decisions
  • Enhancing One's health
  • Positive and Negative Health Influences from Family, Peers, and Culture
  • Positive Health Choices

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