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Middle School Middle School Exploring Music I

Pre Requisites



Ever wonder how people make music? In this course, you’ll not only investigate musical instruments, composers, styles, and concepts, you’ll explore how it’s used all around the world! You will learn about how musical genres have developed throughout time and in different places, and you’ll dig into how music is created, performed, and experienced. You’ll even have the chance to make some tunes of your own!

Segment One

Module 01 - Music and Me

  • Introduction to Music and Me
  • Exploring Music
  • The Sound of Music
  • Music and Me
  • Music and Me Project

Module 02 - Music and the Mind

  • Introduction to Music and the Mind
  • Pitch
  • Music and the Mind
  • Music and the Mind Project

Module 03 - Music and Information

  • Introduction to Music and Information
  • Melody
  • Music and Information

Module 04 - Music and Movement

  • Introduction to Music and Movement
  • Harmony
  • Music and Movement

Segment Two

Module 05 - Music and Exploration

  • Introduction to Music and Exploration
  • Tempo
  • Music Travels
  • Music and Exploration Project

Module 06 - Music and Industry

  • Introduction to Music and Industry
  • Rhythm
  • Music and Industry
  • Music and Industry Project

Module 07 - Music and Learning

  • Introduction to Music and Meaning
  • Expression
  • Music and Meaning
  • Music and Meaning Project

Module 08 - Music and Us

  • Introduction to Music and Us
  • Form
  • Music and Us

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