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Middle School Middle School Computer Science Discoveries I

Pre Requisites



Computer Science Discoveries 1 will take students on a journey into one of the fastest-growing and exciting fields of the century. The course explores how computer science exists all around us, even when we’re not aware. It gives students the opportunity to fine-tune their computer knowledge and coding skills, learn binary, and to create innovative projects. No previous coding experience is needed to succeed in this course.

Module 01 - Start It Up

  •  What's Its Function?
  • Do It for the Cookies
  • You Oughta Know
  • Start It Up Project

Module 02 - Step by Step

  • Every Step You Take
  • 101 Problems
  • Under One Condition

Module 03 - Algorithms & Clues

  • One Way or Another
  • Virtual Reality
  • Show Me the Code

Module 04 - Man vs. Machine

  • Give Me a Bit
  • Talk Like a Computer
  • Version Control

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