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Middle School Middle School Computer Science Discoveries II

Pre Requisites

M/J Computer Science Discoveries 1


Computer Science Discoveries 2 introduces students to computer science as a vehicle for problem-solving, communication, and personal expression. The course focuses on the visible aspects of computing and computer science and encourages students to see where computer science exists around them and how they can engage with it as a tool for exploration and expression. Centering on the immediately observable and personally applicable elements of computer science, the course asks students to look outward and explore the impact of computer science on society. Students should see how a thorough student-centered design process produces a better application, how data is used to address problems that affect large numbers of people, and how physical computing with circuit boards allows computers to collect, input and return output in a variety of ways.

Module 01 - To Err is Human 

  • A World Without Computers
  • So That's How It Works!
  • Right or Wrong? You Decide

Module 02 - Hello, World! 

  • Welcome to Hello, World!
  • Who Needs Instructions?
  • It's All Just Ones and Zeros
  • Choose Your Path
  • Hello, World! Project

 Module 03 - Meet the Sims 

  • Welcome to Meet the Sims
  • Problem Solver
  • You Have the Power
  • Teamwork with Computers and Humans

Module 04 - Rumor Has It 

  •  Welcome to Rumor Has It
  • I Like the Way You Think
  • Tech Talk
  • Picture Perfect

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