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High School Mathematics for College Algebra

Pre Requisites

Algebra 1 required; Algebra 2 recommended


In Mathematics for College Algebra, you will acquire skills needed for success in college-level mathematics. You will integrate critical-thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and mathematics skills as you explore expressions, equations, and functions. Within this exploration, you will interpret the viability of solutions to real-world problems at the level of algebra required for entry into college-level courses.Instructional time in Mathematics for College Algebra will emphasize five areas: (1) developing fluency with the Laws of Exponents with numerical and algebraic expressions; (2) extending arithmetic operations with algebraic expressions to include rational and polynomial expressions; (3) solving one-variable exponential, logarithmic, radical and rational equations and interpreting the viability of solutions in real-world contexts; (4) modeling with and applying linear, quadratic, absolute value, exponential, logarithmic and piecewise functions and systems of linear equations and inequalities; (5) extending knowledge of functions to include inverse and composition.

Segment One

Module 01 – Algebra Basics

·       evaluate expressions

·       apply linear equations

·       solve for a variable using dimensional analysis

·       apply proportions and percentages to solve problems

·       solve absolute value inequalities

·       graph lines

·       find and calculate slope

Module 02 – Equations and Functions

·       create and solve problems involving equations of lines

·       apply linear equations with two variables

·       apply linear systems

·       solve systems of linear equations

·       understand functions

·       graph functions

·       transform functions

Module 03 – Polynomials

·       use the product, power, and quotient rules

·       solve problems involving negative exponents

·       add and subtract polynomials

·       multiply polynomials

·       divide polynomials

·       solve problems involving quadratic functions

·       transform quadratic functions

Segment Two

Module 04 - Rationals

·       multiply and divide rational expressions

·       add and subtract rational expressions

·       solve problems involving complex fractions

·       solve and apply rational equations

·       transform rational expressions

Module 05 - Radicals

·       calculate roots of perfect powers

·       solve problems involving radical functions

·       solve problems involving rational exponents

·       simplify radical expressions

·       solve and apply radical equations

·       solve problems using inverse functions

·       transform functions

Module 06 – Exponentials and Logarithms

·       graph exponential functions

·       solve problems involving logarithmic functions

·       understand properties of logarithms

·       apply exponential functions and logarithms

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