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High School Leadership Skills Development

Pre Requisites



In this course, you’ll learn the leadership skills needed to be successful in all areas of your personal, academic, and professional life. You’ll learn the skills to approach problem-solving, decision-making, time management, and goal setting to manage more effectively the challenges of day-to-day life, challenging courses, and responsibilities at work. You’ll also explore the skills to approach public speaking, relationships, organizational management, and team building to better prepare you for whatever professional role you choose in the future. This course prepares students to be leaders in whatever future path they choose for themselves.

Segment One

Module 01 – The Nature of Leadership


·       Setting the Stage

·       Leading From the Top

·       Engaging Others

·       Follow the Leader


Module 02 – Team Foundations


·       Do It With Style

·       Know Your Team

·       Set the Standards

·       Work Together


Module 03 – From Plans to Actions


·       Initiating Change

·       Planning the Action

·       Overcoming Obstacles

·       Hitting the Finish Line


Segment Two

Module 04 – Maintaining Harmony


·       The Nature of Change

·       When Conflict Arises

·       Conflict Resolution

·       Listening is the Key


Module 05 – Taking Care of Everyone


·       Know Thyself

·       It’s Not Just About You

·       Self Care Is Important

·       Working with Lightbulbs


Module 06 – Say It Clear


·       Informal Communication

·       Formal Communication

·       Verbal Communication

·       Visual Presentations

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