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High School Latin III Honors

Pre Requisites

Latin 1, Latin 2


Continue your journey through the culture and history of the ancient Romans through the study of classical Latin. In the Latin 3 course, you will build upon your Latin 1 and 2 foundations of grammar and vocabulary skills to help increase fluency and language proficiency. You will explore the history, culture and myth of ancient Rome through its rich literary tradition. You will apply what you have learned to translation practice, writing, listening, and conversation exercises –bringing to life Roman poetry and prose written thousands of years ago.

Segment One

Module 01 – History in the Making

·       I Caesar

·       The Die is Cast

·       Friends Romans Countrymen

·       History in the Making Workshop

·       Historical Accounts

·       I Came I Saw I Conquered

·       And you Brutus?

Module 02 – Literary Tradition

·       Mapping the Ancient World

·       Spinning Threads

·       Weaving Tales

·       Literary Tradition Workshop

·       Counting the Days

·       Telling Time

·       Living the Life

Module 03 – Rules of Rhetoric

·       Roman Society

·       Rise of Cicero

·       Climbing the Curcus

·       Rules of Rhetoric Workshop

·       Ciceronian Style

·       Speak Freely

·       Louder than Words

Segment Two

Module 04 – Power of Poetry

·       Evolution of Verse

·       Poetic Inspiration

·       Age of Augustus

·       Power of Poetry Workshop

·       Epic Lines

·       Lyrical Laughs

·       A Song of Satire

Module 05 – Transformation Tales

·       Ovid’s Mythology

·       Medusa

·       Cadmus and the Snake

·       Transformation Tales Workshop

·       The Death of Hercules

·       Pygmalion and Galatea

·       Lycaon the Wolf

Module 06 – Ancient Art Forms

·       Art at its Finest

·       Set in Stone

·       Built by the Best

·       Ancient Art Forms Workshop

·       Philosophical Musings

·       Live Like a Stoic

·       Written in the Stars

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