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High School Latin I

Pre Requisites



Introduce yourself to the culture and rich storytelling tradition of the ancient Romans through the study of classical Latin. In the Latin 1 course, you will build a foundation of grammar and vocabulary skills to help increase fluency and language proficiency. You will explore the mythology, history and culture of Rome and apply what you learn through translation practice, writing, listening, and conversation exercises, while reading Roman stories that have stood the test of time and tracing the Latin roots that run through modern language and culture.

Segment One

Module 01 - When in Rome

  • When in Rome Pretest
  • Latin Roots
  • Salvete, Amici!
  • Romans, Rome, and All Things Roman
  • When in Rome Workshop
  • When in Rome Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Influential Neighbors
  • Going Places
  • The Adventure Begins
  •  When in Rome Exam

Module 02 - Roman History

  • Roman History Pretest
  • Origin Story
  • Early Romans
  • Roman Kings
  • Roman History Workshop
  • Roman History Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Republic of Rome
  • Expanding Borders
  • The Fall of the Roman Empire
  • Roman History Exam

Module 03 - The Hero's Journey

  • The Hero's Journey Pretest
  • Heroic Entrance
  • What Makes a Hero?
  • Quest Unlocked
  • The Hero's Journey Workshop
  • The Hero's Journey Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Journey to the Underworld
  • Zero to Hero
  • Journey's End
  • The Hero's Journey Exam

Module 04 -  Life in Rome

  • Life in Rome Pretest
  • Daily Life
  • Food for Thought
  • Back to School
  • Life in Rome Workshop
  • Life in Rome Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Enter the Arena
  • Roman Art
  • Musical Notes
  • Segment One Exam

Segment Two

Module 05 -  Nature of Things

  • Nature of Things Pretest
  • Nature Myth
  • Forces of Nature
  •  Science and Latin
  • Nature of Things Workshop
  • Nature of Things Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Medicine in Rome
  • Health and Disease
  • Roman Ingenuity
  • Nature of Things Exam

Module 06 - The Ancient World

  • The Ancient World Pretest
  • Wonders of the World
  • Rome and Africa
  • Rome and Europe
  • The Ancient World Workshop
  • The Ancient World Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Rome and the Middle East
  • Rome and Asia
  • The World After Rome
  • The Ancient World Exam

Module 07 - Reviving the Past

  • Reviving the Past Pretest
  • Welcome to Pompeii
  • Touring Pompeii
  • That Fateful Day
  • Reviving the Past Workshop
  • Reviving the Past Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Meanwhile in Herculaneum
  • Artistic Discoveries
  • Preserving Pompeii
  • Segment Two Exam

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