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High School Hospitality and Tourism Marketing Management

Pre Requisites

Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism and Technology for Hospitality are recommended but not required


In this honors-level course—the third and final in the hospitality and tourism program of study—you’ll learn about the marketing principles, social media strategies, and operational procedures that marketing professionals must know. You’ll learn about the sales and management techniques, industry regulations, and entrepreneurship skills necessary to succeed in the industry. Through a series of creative projects, you’ll also explore how the marketing department works alongside other departments to meet sales goals and ensure the company’s success. This course is a part of the Career and Technical Education program.

Segment 1

Module 01 - Be the Brand

  • Brand Identity 
  • Target Markets 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Sustainable Practices 

Module 02 - Relate and Retain

  • Guest Services Strategies 
  • Guest Surveys 
  • Diversity and Communication 
  • Resolving Conflict 

 Module 03 - Behind the Burger


  • Guest Experience in the Restaurant 
  • Working in the Kitchen 
  • Restaurant Front of the House 
  • Food Safety 

Segment 2:

Module 04 - Sell for Success

  • Motivation in Sales 
  • Identifying Your Customer 
  • Market Options 
  • The Digital Traveler 

 Module 05 - Produce a Profit


  • Business Structures 
  • Finance 
  • Budgets 
  • Industry Regulations 

Module 06 - Stack the Skills


  • Ethics 
  • Self-Evaluation 
  • Career Growth Plans 
  • Leadership Skills 
  • Organizational Structures 

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