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High School English IV

Pre Requisites

English III


In English IV, students explore history's impact on modern texts. By focusing on elements like universal theme, author's purpose and perspective, and historic influence, students are able to see literary works as a whole and understand the deeper experiences that surround these texts. With a strong focus on writing, speaking, and presenting, students engage with their audience and explore elements of English that are highly applicable to both college and the workforce.

Segment One

Module 01 – Back to Basics

·       Structurally Sound

·       Get My Point

·       Purposeful Writing

·       Effective Presentations

·       Honors Conveying Information

Module 02 – Learn from a Classic

·       Literature 101

·       I Like Your Style

·       Fictional Figures

·       Message Received

·       Rules for Reviews

·       Honors A Different Perspective

Module 03 – Tell a Tall Tale

·       Plotting Out a Narrative

·       Get the Story Rolling

·       Crafting a Narrative

·       Put Your Best Foot Forward

·       Presenting Literature

·       Honors Character Analysis

Segment Two

Module 04 – Poetry in Motion

·       Poetry 101

·       Colonial and Early National Poetry

·       Romantic Poetry

·       Modernist Poetry

·       Contemporary Poetry

·       Honors Poetry and the Classics

Module 05 – Advancing an Argument

·       Rooted in Facts

·       Set Up for Success

·       Your Words Matter

·       Perfecting and Publishing

·       Parts of the Whole

·       Honors In a Perfect World

Module 06 – Passionate Persuasion

·       Oration and Persuasion

·       Rhetoric Rev Up

·       Conflicting Perspectives

·       Honors Speak for Yourself

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