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High School English III

Pre Requisites



In English 3, students delve deep into literary texts to uncover how literary elements enhance and add layers of meaning to an author's message. By exploring and evaluating the unique styles of a diverse selection of writers and works, students develop the skills needed to write literary analyses that inform an audience and defend an author's stylistic choices. Using essential reading skills, students tackle rigorous texts and evaluate the rhetoric and diction in selections that span from the Classical Period to the Contemporary Period. With a focus on publishing quality writing and presentations, students gain the necessary skills that will be beneficial in college and the workplace.

Segment 1

Module 01 - I Like Your Style

  • I Like Your Style Introduction
  • What Your Style Says About You
  • Layering on Some Meaning
  • Analyzing Literature
  • I Like Your Style Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Start Analyzing
  • Be Supportive
  • Compelling Conclusions
  • Honors Copy That

Module 02 - Learning From Literature

  • Learning From Literature Introduction
  • Words in Context
  • Isn't It Tragic?
  • The Opening Act
  • Tensions Rise
  • The Turning Point
  • A Tragic End
  • A Lesson Learned
  • Honors Crafting an Allegory

Module 03 - Arguing About Literature

  • Arguing About Literature Introduction
  • Develop a Claim
  • Starting Out Strong
  • Arguing About Literature Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Necessary Evidence
  • Finishing Strong
  • Honors A Character Study
  • Segment One Exam

Segment Two

Module 04 - Affecting Change with Words

  • Affecting Change with Words Introduction
  • Examining Ideas and Purpose
  • Word to the Wise
  • Rhetorical Rigor
  • A Close Look at Nature
  • Expressing Your Views
  • Affecting Change with Words Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Putting Your Work Out There
  • Honors Satirically Speaking

Module 05 - Reflective of the Times

  • Reflective of the Times Introduction
  • Poetically Speaking
  • History Lessons from Poetry
  • A Glimpse Into the Past
  • Research Ready
  • Use It Wisely
  • Poetic Parallels
  • Honors Philosophically Speaking

Module 06 - Noteworthy Narratives

  • Noteworthy Narratives Introduction
  • Establishing a Narrative
  • Useful Techniques
  • Resolutions and Themes
  • Noteworthy Narratives Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Honors A Narrative Time Capsule
  • Segment Two Exam

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