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High School English I

Pre Requisites



Take an epic journey to refine your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. You will dive into literary and informational texts to discover the tools authors use to achieve their purpose and voyage through classic and contemporary works to reach new limits of comprehension.

Segment One

Module 01 - Literary Essentials

·      Brushing Up on Fiction

·      Looking into Literature

·      Moody Diction

·      Summarizing Synopses

·      Versed in Variety

·      Honors Using Your Voice

Module 02 - Writing with Style

·      Deciphering Central Ideas

·      What's It All About?

·      A Way with Words

·      Appealing Rhetoric

·      Opposing Viewpoints

·      Honors Be an Effective Philanthropist

Module 03 - The Art of Arguing

·      What is Argumentation?

·      Get Ready to Argue

·      Argumentative Support

·      From Start to Finish

·      Satire Savvy

·      Honors Satirical Skills

Segment Two

Module 04 - Relying on Facts

·      Synthesizing Information

·      Organize to Inform

·      Proper Support

·      Tying it All Together

·      Powerful Presentations

·      Honors Purposeful Information

Module 05 - That's Epic

·      A Story of Epic Proportions

·      The Hero's Journey

·      Romeo, O Romeo

·      Tackling a Tragedy

·      Adapting the Greats

·      Conquering Conventions

·      Honors a Purposeful Prologue

Module 06 - A Narrative of Epic Proportions

·      Making Meaning From the Past

·      A Journey's Start

·      In the Midst of a Journey

·      A Journey's End

·      Honors The Antihero

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