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High School ELL Success I

Pre Requisites

Recommended for English Language Learners


This course takes students on an inspiring “Superhero” journey where they develop confidence, build pride in their culture, achieve their goals, and help their peers succeed. Students learn how to take action to improve their own lives, manage their time, and resolve conflict by considering differences in personality. Along the way, students are coached by Mawi Asgedom, a former ELL (English Language Learner) student who earned a scholarship to Harvard and is now a student leadership expert who has trained over 1,000,000 students.

Module 01 - Believe

  • Success is Possible!
  • Take Action

Module 02 - See

  • Set Your Goals
  • Use Your Resources

Module 03 - Achieve

  • Succeed in Class
  • Build Your Network

Module 04 - Grow

  • Stay Strong
  • Be Proud

Module 05 - Fly

  • Know Yourself
  • Your Super Future

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