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Elementary Elementary Technology Grade 2

Pre Requisites



The Elementary Technology Second Grade course enables students to develop basic skills in computer science through engaging and age-appropriate content. The course exposes students to concepts such as problem solving, algorithms, and computer troubleshooting skills. Students will learn block based coding in an offline environment and practice using the web-based Hour of Code site.In addition to the computer skills, the Technology suite integrates standards from Social Studies, Health and Language Arts with topics in each grade about safety and health (online and offline), bullying/cyberbullying and being a responsible citizen/digital citizen. Students will be introduced to Microsoft Word Online, research skills, and constructive criticism to complete a final digital artifact project.

Module 01 - Tech Smart

  • Missing Rules
  • Technology Helps
  • A Coding Safari
  • Computer Nation
  • The Codi Dessert

Module 02 - Digital Dilemmas

  • Is your computer frozen?
  • Safari Adventure
  • Getting Loopy

Module 03 - Keys to Success

  • Rock It, Rocket
  • Under The Big Tent
  • The Key To Keywords And Searches
  • How do you search?
  • The Winter Kingdom

Module 04 - Project Pathway

  • Project Pathway
  • Dive Into the Worlds of Media
  • Run With Macro
  • Data, Data, Everywhere
  • Put It All Together

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