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Elementary Elementary Spanish Introductory Level

Pre Requisites



Elementary Spanish is an exploratory introduction to the Spanish culture and language. Students will learn the target language in a story-based framework, providing a fun and positive experience within the learning. Each lesson is taught through an engaging, authentic story that gives students an opportunity to see and hear the language in context. Students will learn foundational skills in listening and speaking in the early levels, and will add Spanish literacy skills beginning in Level 2. The courses provide audio and visual stimuli for all learning types and ample opportunities to hear, speak, read, write, and record the language. This suite also provides strategically-based reviews of past learning. Each course is built on connections to an authentic culture of a specific Spanish-speaking region through the arts, celebrations, and traditions of the culture, leading students on the path to becoming global citizens. Courses provide a natural progression of learning through the following language acquisition stages: oPreproductionoEarly ProductionoSpeech emergenceoIntermediate fluencyWe offer a suite of Elementary Spanish courses that are based on proficiency level rather than grade level. The majority of our students (even those that speak Spanish at home) find it is most beneficial in the student learning process to begin at the introductory level to ensure a smooth transition of content. Each level of Spanish builds on the previous level and is set in a new and exciting Spanish speaking country.

Segment One

Module 01 - Viva Mexico

  • Mexican culture
  • Greetings, introductions, and goodbye
  • Farm animals
  • Family and Pets

Module 02 - El Rancho Mexico

  • Transportation
  •  Food
  •  Numbers 1–10
  •  Nursery rhyme: La araña pequeñita
  • Small and big

Segment Two

Module 03 - Una Celebracion Mexicana

  • Body parts
  • School supplies
  • Mexican celebrations
  • My bedroom

Module 04 - Frida Kahlo, Artista Mexicana

  • Activities with friends
  • Shapes
  • Sun, moon, and stars
  • Parts of head and face
  • The life and art of Frida Kahlo

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