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Elementary Elementary Social Studies Grade K

Pre Requisites



Welcome to the Super Citizen Challenge! Join Miriam and her dog, Ziggy, and learn how to be good citizens. Through stories, games, and videos, students will explore time, geography, history, celebrations, and even economics, which will take them to new heights.

Segment One

Module 01 - Time


  • Chronology and sequence of event
  • Calendar
  • Timeline

Module 02 - Rules and Laws


  • Rules
  • Laws
  • Responsible citizen
  • Conflict and decisions

Module 03 - Needs and Wants


  • Community jobs
  • Currency
  • Needs and wants

Segment Two

Module 04 - Geography


  • Maps and globes
  • Locations in school and community
  • Bodies of water
  • Basic landforms
  • Seasonal weather
  • Effects of weather

Module 05 - Comparing the Past and Present


  • Primary sources
  • Past and present children
  • Past and present families
  • Courageous, honest, and responsible people

Module 06 - United States Symbols and Celebrations


  • U.S. and state symbols
  • American celebrations
  • Comparing celebrations

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