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Elementary Elementary Social Studies Grade 5 (CA)

Pre Requisites



Exploration starts here! Learn about early civilizations, European explorers, and early American history, using videos, maps, and primary and secondary sources to understand these events. Source Study activities will help you extend your thinking around primary and secondary sources. Learn more about being a responsible citizen and solve real-world problems such as choosing where to set up a pet-friendly hurricane shelter.

Segment One

Module 01 – Early Civilizations

·       Locations and Physical Features

·       Ancient American Civilizations

·       Native American Tribes

·       Native American Culture

Module 02 – Age of Exploration

·       Exploration Across the Atlantic

·       European Exploration: Part One

·       European Exploration: Part Two

·       Impacts of Discovery

Module 03 – Colonial Times

·       Motives for Settlement

·       New England Colonies

·       Middle Colonies

·       Southern Colonies

·       Colonial Trade

·       Political Environment of the Colonies

·       Advances in Technology

Module 04 – American Revolution

·       Events Leading to the Revolution

·       Political Ideas

·       The Revolution Grows

·       Independent Ideas

·       Major Military Battles

·       Assistance from Allies

·       Effects of the Revolution

Segment Two

Module 05 – Founding a Nation

·       Articles of Confederation

·       The Constitution

·       Amending the Constitution

·       Constitution as a Living Document

Module 06 – Westward Expansion

·       Expanding U.S. Territory

·       War of 1812

·       Missouri Compromise

·       Texas Revolution and the Mexican-American War

·       Trails to the West

·       Advances in Transportation and Communication

Module 07 – Civics

·       Branches of Government

·       Civic Duties

·       Responsibilities of Citizens

·       States and Capitals

·       Landmarks and Symbols

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