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Elementary Elementary Social Studies Grade 4 (CA)

Pre Requisites



Ever wonder what makes a state so unique? Throughout this course, students will uncover that answer as they investigate geography, history, economics, and government in their state. Students join their virtual teacher, Ms. Green, as they complete videos and practice activities. It’s a discovery of people, places, and events as students explore their own backyard and how its past, present, and future arerelated.

Segment One

Module 01 – Government

·       Constitutions

·       Levels of Government

·       Working Together

Module 02 – Geography

·       California on the Map

·       California Geography

Module 03 – Earliest Californians

·       Native Americans

·       Early Explorers

·       Settlements and Missions

Segment Two

Module 04 – Becoming California

·       Mexican Rule

·       Westward Expansion

·       Statehood

Module 05 – Dynamic Decades

·       Rapid Growth

·       Early 1900s

·       Modern California 

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