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Elementary Elementary Social Studies Grade 3 (CA)

Pre Requisites



The third-grade Social Studies curriculum consists of the following content-area strands: geography of the local region; American Indians of the local region; development of the local community; American citizens, symbols, and government; and economics of the local region. The focus will be on understanding continuity and change. Emphasis is on California's physical and cultural landscape, including the study of American Indians, the arrival of immigrants, and the impact these groups have had on society today.

Segment One

Module 01 – Geography

      Geographical Features

      Landmarks and Resources

      Coming to California

Module 02 – American Indian Nations


      Way of Life


Segment Two

Module 03 – Government

·       We the People

·       The Need for Government

·       Branches of Government

·       Working Together

·       Living Locally

·       Public Virtue

·       American Heroes and Symbols

Module 04 – Economics

·       Economies Past and Present

·       Economic Resources

·       Economic Choice 

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