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Elementary Elementary Language Arts Grade 3

Pre Requisites



In Language Arts Grade Three, students will engage in a variety of topics as they explore the world of reading and writing. Students will learn foundational skills, cursive writing, vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar, and the writing process as they write narratives, informational, and opinion essays. In this course, students will participate in engaging lessons that include interactives, informational and literature texts, graphic organizers, videos, and various practice activities. Topics range from healthy habits and overcoming obstacles to mysteries.

Segment One

Module 01 - Teamwork

  • Teamwork: Word Study
  • Teamwork: Ready to Read
  • Teamwork: Text Time
  • Teamwork: Grammar
  • Teamwork: Narrative Writing

Module 02 - Nature

  • Nature: Word Study
  • Nature: Ready to Read
  • Nature: Text Time
  • Nature: Grammar
  • Nature: Expository Writing

Module 03 - Imagination

  • Imagination: Word Study
  • Imagination: Ready to Read
  • Imagination: Text Time
  • Imagination: Grammar
  • Imagination: Opinion Writing

Module 04 - Health

  • Health: Word Study
  • Health: Ready to Read
  • Health: Text Time
  • Health: Grammar
  • Health: Expository Writing

Module 05 - Investigation

  • Investigation: Word Study
  • Investigation: Ready to Read
  • Investigation: Text Time
  • Investigation: Grammar
  • Investigation: Narrative Writing

Segment Two

Module 06 - Fascination

  • Fascination: Word Study
  • Fascination: Ready to Read
  • Fascination: Text Time
  • Fascination: Grammar
  • Fascination: Opinion Writing

Module 07 - Creativity

  • Creativity: Word Study
  • Creativity: Ready to Read
  • Creativity: Text Time
  • Creativity: Grammar
  • Creativity: Narrative Writing

Module 08 - Amazing Animals

  • Amazing Animals: Word Study
  • Amazing Animals: Ready to Read
  • Amazing Animals: Text Time
  • Amazing Animals: Grammar
  • Amazing Animals: Expository Writing

Module 09 - Challenges

  • Challenges: Word Study
  • Challenges: Ready to Read
  • Challenges: Text Time
  • Challenges: Grammar
  • Challenges: Opinion Writing

Module 10 - Historical Influences

  • Historical Influences: Word Study
  • Historical Influences: Ready to Read
  • Historical Influences: Text Time
  • Historical Influences: Grammar
  • Historical Influences: Research Writing

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