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High School Digital Information Technology

Pre Requisites



Dive into an exciting course that will provide you with the foundational skills needed for exciting careers like game development, military defense, web design, and software engineering! You will explore Microsoft Office online applications, web design, emerging technologies, operating systems, project management, communication methods, Information Technology careers, and much more in this course. Learn about your strengths and how they relate to different career paths.

Segment One

Module 01 - Digital IT Survival Kit

  • Computer Parts and Pieces
  • The Secret Life of Files
  • Computer Upkeep
  • Networks and What They Do

Module 02 - The Digital Water Cooler

  • Explore Office Online
  • Email Basics
  • Word Basics
  • Layouts and Design Theory
  • Proofing Before Sending

Module 03 - Work IT Out

  • Be Ethical
  • Success in the Workplace
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Project Protocol

Module 04 - Data Driven

  • Spreadsheet Basics
  • Formatting, Formulas, and Functions
  • Data Delivery
  • Electronic Warehouses

Segment Two

Module 05 - Tools to Tackle the Web

  • The Life of the Internet
  • Get GUI
  • Accepting Application
  • How Does It Do That?
  • Rock Your Research

Module 06 - Driven by Design

  • Building Blocks for Web Design
  • The Art of Design
  • Image Obsessed

Module 07 - Presentations on Point

  • Powerful Presentations
  • A Visual World
  • Presenting Color Theory
  • Motion Effects

Module 08 - Get Hired

  • Your Future in the Workforce
  • Show Off
  • Tools of the Trade

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