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High School Critical Thinking and Study Skills

Pre Requisites



Critical Thinking and Study Skills teaches students how to get better grades and higher test scores, and increase their success in high school. Students who already perform well in school will learn new study skills and testing skills that will help them get even better. Students who struggle in school will learn about Success Mindsets, study skills, and testing skills to help them perform at new levels. This course teaches the ACE test-taking method to increase scores on key tests such as the ACT, SAT, and tests for graduation.

Module 01 - Success Mindsets

  • Taking action
  • Growth mindset
  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Grit and resilience

Module 02 - Study Skills

  • Organizational skills & tools
  • Note-taking
  • Skills for improving memory
  • Regeneration and mnemonic devices
  • Tracking progress toward achieving goals

Module 03 - Testing Skills

  • Test preparation
  • Study skills for high stakes testing
  • Asking key questions about tests
  • Challenging yourself to learn more
  • Elevating on test day

Module 04 - Critical Thinking

  • Critical thinking
  • 2D vs. 3D thinking
  • The 5Ws
  • Understanding inferences and making connections
  • Identify and create balanced arguments
  • Essay writing

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