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High School Chinese IV Honors

Pre Requisites

Chinese 1, Chinese 2, and Chinese 3


Chinese IV Honors will certainly expand your language skills. However, it will also take you on a fascinating cultural journey. You’ll experience the rich traditions of the language through exploration of modern and ancient China. You will be immersed in culture—technology, art, music, science, literature, and more. Prepare to gain new vocabulary, have better command of the language, and understand your role as a global citizen.

Segment One

Module 01 – Connecting with Technology


·       Timing Technology

·       Products of Technology

·       Technology Everywhere

·       Technology Advantages and Disadvantages


Module 02 – Balancing Life


·       Wellness Around Us

·       Wellness and Self Care

·       Health is Wealth

·       Wellness Inside and Outside


Module 03 – Shaping the World


·       We Shape Our Buildings

·       Art Around Us

·       Numbers Everywhere

·       Defining Our Culture


Segment Two

Module 04 – Fame Train


·       Arriving at the Tang Station

·       Arriving at the Song Station

·       Arriving at the Yuan Station

·       Arriving at the Modern Era Station


Module 05 – Regions of China


·       Yunnan Province

·       Fujian Province

·       Inner Mongolia

·       Three Northeast Provinces

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