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High School Chemistry I

Pre Requisites

Algebra 1


In this course, students will study of the foundations of chemistry, building on the concepts and scientific thinking developed in middle school science. Students use scientific inquiry and higher-order problem solving as they explore the composition, properties, and changes of matter and their applications through interactive simulations, engineering solutions, and virtual and hands-on experiences. The scientific process is fully used and documented in lab investigations, giving students the skills they need to analyze data and make inferences about natural phenomena. In addition, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts are integrated throughout the course. Through phenomenon-based learning, students will be able to demonstrate a vast understanding of the importance of chemistry in the world, enabling them to apply these principles to their everyday lives and our global society.

Segment One

Module 01 - Matter

  • Science of Chemistry
  • Measuring Matter
  • Honors Scientific Knowledge
  • Properties of Matter
  • Changes in Matter
  • Pure Substances and Mixtures
  • Properties of Matter Lab

Module 02 - Atoms and Elements

  • Atomic Theory
  • Contributions to Chemistry
  • Periodic Table
  • Atomic Models
  • Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Atomic Energy
  • Honors Periodic Trends

Module 03 - Molecules and Compounds

  • Molecules and Compounds Introduction
  • Valence Electrons
  • Nomenclature
  • Ionic Bonding
  • Covalent Bonding
  • Molecular Structure
  • Forces and Bonds
  • Honors Organic Chemistry

Module 04 - Reactions

  • Reactions Introduction
  • Conservation of Mass
  • Synthesis and Decomposition Reactions
  • Single and Double Replacement Reactions
  • Redox Reactions
  • Reactions in Our World
  • Honors Radioactive Decay

Segment Two

Module 05 - Stoichiometry

  • Using the Mole
  • Molar Mass of Compounds
  • Honors Compound Formulas
  • Stoichiometry I
  • Stoichiometry II
  • Limiting Reactant
  • Percent Yield

Module 06 - Phases of Matter

  • Energy
  • Kinetic Molecular Theory
  • Phase Changes
  • Gas Laws
  • Gas Laws Lab
  • Honors Ideal Gas Behavior

Module 07 - Energy in Reactions

  • Endothermic and Exothermic
  • Enthalpy Values
  • Honors Calorimetry
  • Reaction Rates
  • Equilibrium
  • Honors Le Ch√Ętelier's Principle

Module 08 - Solutions

  • Properties of Water
  • Molarity and Dilutions
  • Solutions Lab
  • Acids and Bases
  • Acid and Base Calculations
  • Honors Energy and Water

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