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High School Business Management and Law

Pre Requisites

Principles of Entrepreneurship recommended but not required


Unlock the secrets to success in the corporate world! In Business Management and Law, students will explore key business management concepts, including human relations, sales and marketing, and finances. With a focus on the role of management in small businesses and the government regulations that impact businesses, this course introduces students to the principles of effective business management and the legal considerations and implications that underpin these practices.

Segment One

Module 01 – Business Basics


·      Business Ownership

·      Pros and Cons of Business Ownership

·      Manufacturing Basics

·      Economics

·      International Business


Module 02 – Getting Started in Business


·      Selecting Vendors

·      Inventory Management

·      Making Sales

·      Employment Success


Module 03 – Supporting Your Workforce


·      Hiring Staff

·      The Role of HR

·      Compensation

·      Employment Success


Segment Two

Module 04 – Leading with Purpose


·      Leadership Roles

·      Leadership

·      Making Decisions

·      Promoting Quality Workers

·      Performance Reviews


Module 05 – Keeping Track of Finances


·      Starting with a Plan

·      Funding a Business

·      Costs of Doing Business

·      Keeping the Books

·      Collections


Module 06 – Keeping It Legal


·      Workplace and Consumer Safety

·      Regulatory Agencies

·      Taxation and Legal Advice

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