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High School Biology

Pre Requisites



The Biology course guides students through the study of living and non-living systems and how they interact with one another. Students explore the world they live in by posing questions and seeking answers through scientific inquiry. Discovery takes place through observation and data collection. Students will be introduced to the structure, function, diversity, and evolution of living matter. This is a course with real relevance. It encourages curiosity and provides opportunity for students to work on hands-on lab activities and develop relationships through collaborative learning. Engaging in the study of biological science broadens the picture of the world around us.

Segment One

Module 01 – Foundations of Biology


·       Exploring Life

·       Chemistry of Life

·       Earth’s Early Atmosphere


Module 02 – Life’s Origins


·       Properties of Water

·       Early Cells

·       Cell Structure and Function

·       Membrane Transport

·       Cellular Energy

·       Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration


Module 03 – Cell Reproduction


·       Cell Division

·       DNA Replication

·       Protein Synthesis

·       Mutations

·       Meiosis

·       Mendel

·       Heredity Patterns

·       Biotechnology


Segment Two

Module 04 – Earth’s Diversity


·       Ecology

·       The Biosphere

·       Ecosystems

·       Impacts on our Ecosystem

·       Environmental Resources


Module 05 – Scientific Connections


·       Evolution

·       Evolutionary Relationships

·       Primate Evolution

·       Classification of Living Organisms


Module 06 – Organisms and Diversity


·       Bacteria

·       Protists and Fungi

·       Plants

·       Animals

·       The Human Brain

·       Cardiovascular System

·       Human Reproduction

·       Health and the Immune System

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