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High School Astronomy Solar Galactic

Pre Requisites

Earth-Space Science Preferred; Honors: Algebra 1 Preferred


Journey through the universe on a stellar exploration through space and time. Discover ancient astronomy and the instruments used to investigate the properties and motion of celestial objects. Examine the different characteristics of each planet in our solar system, including atmospheric conditions, moons, and rings. Discover the small solar bodies that are moving throughout our solar system. Learn about stellar properties, based on starlight and the life cycle of stars. Explore the far reaches of our universe by studying galaxies and the clues they leave us about the early universe. Lastly, learn about cosmology, including theories and concepts about our early universe, and its possible fate. Some mathematical applications will be applied at various times. This course is recommended for 11th and 12th grade students.

Segment One

Module 01 - Foundations of Astronomy

  • Foundations of Astronomy Introduction
  • What Is Astronomy?
  • Laws, Theories, and Models
  • Astronomy Through Time
  • Look to the Sky
  • Honors: Finding Objects in the Sky
  • Zoom in on Astronomy
  • Space Travel: Past, Present, and Future

Module 02 - Terrestrial Planets

  • Terrestrial Planets Introduction
  • Formation of the Inner Solar System
  • Terrestrial Planets Features
  • Atmospheres of Terrestrial Planets
  • The Goldilocks Zone
  • The Earth-Moon-Sun System
  • Honors: Applying Planetary Laws

Module 03 - The Outer Solar System

  • The Outer Solar System Introduction
  • Formation of the Outer Solar System
  • Properties of the Outer Planets
  • What's the Atmosphere Like Out There?
  • Moons, Moons, and More Moons
  • Small Solar Bodies of the Solar System
  • Honors: Colonizing Space

Segment Two

Module 04 - Stars

  • Stars Introduction
  • Stellar Light and Radiation
  • The Sun as a Star
  • Stellar Properties
  • Stellar Life Cycle
  • Honors: Calculating Properties of Waves

Module 05 - Galaxies

  • Galaxies Introduction
  • The Milky Way
  • Classification of Galaxies
  • Galactic Evolution
  • Clusters and Dark Matter
  • Honors: Astrophysics

Module 06 - Cosmology

  • Cosmology Introduction
  • Observations of the Universe
  • The Early Universe
  • Origin and Inflation of the Universe
  • Evolution and Curvature of the Universe
  • Honors: Fundamental Forces

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