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High School AP English Literature and Composition

Pre Requisites

Successful completion of English I, II, & III. Student will be exposed to college-level composition and literature.


This course provides high school students with college-level instruction in active, close reading, and analysis of imaginative literature. Through the close reading of works of literary merit, students learn to consider how a work's style, figurative language, theme, and other literary elements contribute to its meaning and cultural significance.This approach to analyzing prose and poetry allows students to establish connections, make observations about textual details, and sharpen their understanding of these nuances through their own writing. This course will effectively prepare students for the AP Exam and learning beyond the exam by enabling them to read, analyze, and write about complex texts.

Segment One

Module 01 - Disillusionment

  • The Power of Literature
  • Perspective and Voice
  • The Free Response
  • The American Theater
  • The Disillusionment of Character
  • Literature Through the Lenses
  • Start at the Beginning

Module 02 - The Struggle

  • The Struggle is Real
  • Romanticism and the Ancient Mariner
  • Multiple Choice: Prose and Poetry
  • People and Places
  • Storyteller and Structure
  • Frankenstein and Rime
  • Evaluate Evidence

Module 03 - Journey

  • Multiple Choice: Read Stems First
  • The Nature of Humanity
  • Symbols, Motifs, and Themes
  • The Research Paper
  • Building Your Paper
  • Developing Commentary
  • Using MLA Format

Module 04 - Love and Hate

  • Experience the Heights
  • Not Another Love Poem
  • The Pieces and Parts of a Poem
  • Establishing a Line of Reasoning
  • Multiple Choice: Predict the Answer
  • Who Could Tell Such a Story?
  • Ways of Viewing Wuthering Heights

Segment Two

Module 05 - Family

  • Multiple Choice: Find the Focus
  • How Can Grapes Be Wrathful?
  • Family Influence
  • Structurally Sound
  • Analyze, Evaluate, and Apply
  • Details and Patterns
  • Through a Child's Eyes
  • The Grapes of Wrath: Analysis

Module 06 - More Than One Way

  • Multiple Choice: Eliminate Answer Choices
  • Queen, Prince, or Groundling?
  • To Laugh or Not to Laugh
  • To Be or Not to Be
  • Evaluate and Implement: Poetry
  • Love Song or Not

Module 07 - Discovery

  • Awakening as Discovery
  • Discovery Through Strategy
  • Multiple Choice: Putting It All Together
  • Natural Discoveries
  • Discover for Yourself
  • Crushing Discoveries
  • Evaluate and Implement: Literary Argument

Module 08 - The Irony

  • Multiple Choice: Practice
  • The Irony of Survival
  • The Irony of Revenge
  • The Irony of Appearances
  • The Irony of Truth
  • The Irony of Madness
  • The Irony of the End
  • Evaluate and Implement: Prose

Module 09 - Review and Exam

  • Exam Review Part 1
  • Exam Review Part 2
  • Exam Review Part 3

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