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High School Allied Health Assisting III

Pre Requisites

Health Science Foundations and Anatomy and Physiology Preferred


The medical profession includes more than just doctors, dentists, and nurses. Allied health assistants include professionals from many health disciplines such as biomedicine, geriatrics, medical administrative assisting, and occupational and physical therapy. These professionals work as a team to advance and support quality health care and services. This allied health assisting course teaches students technical knowledge and skills of multiple allied health careers using demonstrations, clinical experiences, and inspirational testimonies from health professionals. Students who successfully complete this course will be equipped with the knowledge and professionalism necessary to provide patient-centered health care in the 21st century. Join a workforce that is projected by labor statistics to grow by more than 19 million jobs in the next decade!

Segment One

Module 01 – Allied Health Foundations

·       Intro to Allied Health Assisting

·       Medical Administration

·       Communication Skills

·       Office Operations

·       Billing and Records

Module 02 – Physical Therapy

·       Introduction to Physical Therapy

·       Preparing for Therapy

·       Range of Motion

·       Common Therapies

·       Mobility

Module 03 – Occupational Therapy

·       Introduction to Occupation Therapy

·       Daily Living

·       Radiology

·       Functional Mobility

Segment Two

Module 04 – Elder and Respiratory Care

·       Introduction to Elder and Respiratory Care

·       Memory Care

·       Diet and Safety

·       Chronic Illness

·       Respiratory Care

·       End-of-Life Care

Module 05 – Laboratory and Biomedicine

·       Introduction to Laboratory and Biomedicine

·       Laboratory Safety

·       Laboratory Preparation

·       Laboratory Analysis

·       Biological Testing

·       Quality Control

Module 06 – Clinical Experience

·       Preparing for the Clinical Experience

·       Clinical Experience Report

·       Sending Gratitude

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