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High School Personal Fitness

Pre Requisites



In this Personal Fitness course, students are required to participate in weekly cardiovascular, flexibility, strength, and endurance activities. Students who are unable to participate in such physical exercises will be unable to complete the requirements of this course.

Module 01 - Welcome Center

  • Tracking Your Stay at the Welcome Center
  • Wellville Information Bureau
  • Wellville City Limits
  • Wellville Locals
  • How Fit Are You?
  • Training Principles
  • Bend and Stretch
  • Flexibility Check
  • Varying Activity Preferences Essay
  • Welcome Center Check Out

Module 02 - Rec Center

  • Tracking Your Stay at the Rec Center
  • Welcome to the Rec Center
  • Health Risk Factors
  • Health vs. Skill Related Exercise
  • Warm Up/Cool Down
  • Common Injuries
  • The Rec Center Check Out

Module 03 - Teen Center

  • Tracking Your Stay at the Teen Center
  • Stress - A Fact of Life
  • Stress and Coping Strategies
  • Manage Your Stress
  • Goal Setting
  • You're on Your Way
  • Teen Center Check Out

Module 04 - Health Club

  • Tracking Your Stay at the Health Club
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Monitoring the Heart
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • What is Cardiovascular Activity?
  • Principles of Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Recording Your Cardiovascular Workout
  • Health Club Check Out

Module 05 - Wellville Gym

  • Tracking Your Stay at the Wellville Gym
  • Muscular Fitness Training
  • Muscular Training: Safety Precautions
  • Your Muscular Fitness Program
  • FIT Principles of Muscular Fitness
  • Muscular Strength and Endurance Program
  • Wellville Gym Check Out

Module 06 - Wellville Cafe

  • Tracking Your Stay at the Wellville Cafe
  • Food and Its Relationship to Health
  • Evaluate Your Personal Menu
  • Food Labels and You
  • Wellville Water
  • Wellville Gym Check Out

Module 07 - Body Shop

  • Tracking Your Stay at the Body Shop
  • Body Types
  • Body Compositions
  • Input, Output, and Calories
  • Weight: Keeping it Under Control
  • Eating/Weight Issues
  • Body Shop Check Out

Module 08 - Medical Center

  • Medical Center Check Out
  • Final Fitness Test
  • Final Workout Log Submission
  • Final Exam

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