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Elementary Elementary Art Grade 3

Pre Requisites



Learn how to create mixed media art or observe Chokwe masks from Africa! In this course, students will learn the Elements of Art and Principles of Design while they explore art from the past and present. From abstract art by Sonia Delaunay to the organic glass sculptures of Dale Chihuly, students will learn art techniques that will fuel their creative spirit.

Segment One

Module 01 - Line

·      Line

·      Meet an Artist: Sonia Delaunay

·      Be the Artist: Resist

Module 02 – Shape

·      Shape

·      Meet an Artist: John Mawurndjul

·      Be the Artist: Dot Painting

Module 03 – Color

·      Color

·      Meet an Artist: Georgia O’Keeffe

·      Be the Artist: Pastels

Module 04 – Value

·      Value

·      Meet an Artist: Cecilia Beaux

·      Be the Artist: Painting

Segment Two

Module 05 – Space

·      Space

·      Meet an Artist: Winslow Homer

·      Be the Artist: Collage

Module 06 – Form

·      Form

·      Meet an Artist: Dale Chihuly

·      Be the Artist: Glass

Module 07 – Texture

·      Texture

·      Meet an Artist: Jamini Roy

·      Be the Artist: Mixed Media

Module 08 – Community

·      Community

·      Meet an Artist: Lois Jones

·      Be the Artist: Clay

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